Wave & Spirit Hearing Aid Support
We suggest buying two hearing aids (keep an eye out for our BOGO sales that runs seasonally) and here is why: The brain processes sound from both ears for improved clarity, meaning, balance and localization. Being able to hear with both ears is just as important as being able to see with both eyes. If you close one eye, your depth perception would be distorted. If you close off one ear, your understanding is affected. A recent Swedish study showed an 18% improvement in speech recognition in noisy environments with 2 hearing aids rather than one and a Dutch study showed that 93% preferred 2 hearing aids rather than one.
It may sound counter-intuitive but if you can only afford one hearing aid at this time, you should fit the better hearing ear. This ear will probably have better discrimination and you will benefit more from the amplification.
Yes, each device comes with an English-written user manual that clearly explains all features. We also have instructional how-to videos.
Our hearing aids are pre-programmed to fit the most common hearing loss and hearing environment so that you can use your hearing aid the moment you open your package. We do recommend that initially you watch the instructional video on this website which discusses how to change volumes and suggest that you start at volume level 1. The aid does not require fitting by an audiologist. We provide everything necessary for the product to comfortably fit virtually anyone.
The battery voltage gets low. You will hear a series of musical tones indicating that the battery is low. We have noticed a loud buzzing may occur even without hearing the low battery indicator tones. If you do not have a fresh battery available, try opening the battery compartment door for 10 seconds and then closing again (similar to rebooting a computer). Turning the amplifier off and then on again may solve the buzzing until the battery can be replaced. Buzzing may also occur if the amplifier gets wet. If the amplifier gets submerged in water or excessive rainfall (or shower) it is not likely that it can be restored.
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